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Hi, my name is Nabha. I’m a freelance web developer and designer helping spiritual groups, retreats, and yoga studios to realize their online potential. Let’s talk.

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Featured Projects

Ananda Designs — Theme rollout to 40 sites — 16 million visits, 10,000 pages

The Ananda App — Stay in touch, stay inspired

Sidekick WP — AI-powered content assistant

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WordPress (15+ years of experience)
React and NextJS
Static sites (Gatsby)
Technical SEO


Web design
Motion design


Local SEO
Google ads
Facebook ads

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Work history

Director of Technology and Innovation

Ananda Sangha Worldwide Communications Department 2015–2021

Lead Developer and Web Designer

Ananda Sangha Worldwide 2005–2021
For 14 years I’ve always been impressed with Nabha’s knowledge, speed, and lack of compromise when it comes to delivering good results. I consider lucky anybody who gets to count on his services.

—Vayu Castelli, Ananda Sangha Worldwide

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Get in touch

I’d love to hear from you and discover what we can accomplish to serve your audience.

Email me at